“A harrowing portrait of the past’s ability to haunt the present…Presley has found stability in her father’s story, and her willingness to share it, as well as her own revelations, will be appreciated by readers who deal with any form of wartime PTSD.”

Publishers Weekly

“Christal Presley is uniquely equipped to tell a tale that affects not only her generation, but that must be understood if we are to prevent second generation PTSD in the sons and daughters of our current wave of returning veterans.   Whether you are a professional who treats veterans and their loved ones, a person at risk for military PTSD, or anyone who cares, you will be profoundly moved by this eloquent, true memoir.”

–Frank M Ochberg, MD, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Michigan State University; Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award of the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

“An incredible memoir. I think Thirty Days with My Father is an important part of the still unhealed wounds of wars.  Christal has given as much of her heart to this story as her father gave to his country. This is not a journey to miss.”

–Nikki Giovanni, University Distinguished Professor/Poet

Thirty Days with My Father is an unforgettable account of a daughter struggling to find connection with herself and her father in the aftermath of war. Christal Presley’s memoir is a truly inspiring portrayal of survival, forgiveness, and love.”

–Jessica Handler, author of Invisible Sisters: A Memoir.

Thirty Days With My Father: Finding Peace from Wartime PTSD by Christal Presley uses memory and flashback to create a riveting and ultimately loving account of a child terribly affected by her Vietnam Veteran father’s PTSD. This intergenerational trauma threatens to break the bonds between father and daughter. However, with great courage to face the darkness and great love to heal the wounds, this book is also a journey towards joy—and how a daughter and her father finally find their way back to each other.”

–Louise Nayer, author of Burned

“Though Thirty Days with My Father is close-up and personal, one daughter’s attempt to break through her father’s post-traumatic stress syndrome following Vietnam, it is also a big, big story which affects many Americans—–not only soldiers and veterans, as Christal Presley makes clear, but also their entire families, especially the children. Thirty Days with My Father is a beautifully written, necessary book—heart-wrenching and affirming all at once.”

–Lee Smith, bestselling and award-winning author of Mrs. Darcy Meets the Blue-Eyed Stranger and The Last Girls

“Important and beautifully written, Presley’s memoir is a welcome and much-needed contribution to the genre.”

–Melody Moezzi, award-winning author and mental health advocate

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