Frazzled and Happy: A Tale of Book Marketing

This is me since I finished editing my book and started marketing it.  And I thought revising was hard!  I am in desperate need of a haircut, my yard hasn’t been mowed in weeks, and now I am officially making to-do lists for my to-do lists. For the past two months, I’ve come home almost every day (after working an 8-hour day job), and spent 5-6 hours per night (and often 10 hours a day on weekends) researching how I can create buzz for my book, which external publicist I should hire (in addition to my in-house publicist, at a cost of $900-$5000 per month), which cities I’ll visit on my book tour, which bookstores I’ll visit and when, how I’ll pay for it all after spending $10,000 on external editing services (Wannabe writers, are you listening?), which magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites, conferences, and organizations throughout the U.S. may be interested in doing an article or review of my book (No, your in-house publicist doesn’t do this unless you’re already famous), querying them all to gauge interest, planning a  launch party, stalking local celebrities to garner book endorsements, creating an author website, keeping two blogs up-to-date, and many other things that I am too tired to remember.  There is no end in sight.

Would I do it again?  Would I write another book if I’d only known how hard it would be, how it would change my life, and that writing 264 pages was only a small portion of what I’d have to do to actually bring my book into the world?



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  1. Girl, this is exactly how I feel! You work a full time job, trying to edit the darn book for the upteenth time (finally to the point you’re almost sick of your own book), you think it will never be finished, you’re learning to do things you’ve never done before (Twitter!), etc. Kudos to you!!! It’s a hard road but hopefully you have received much feedback from those who have read it.

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